Intro to Real Estate Investing


Real Estate tax strategies of the rich!

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  • How can owning a rental house reduce my taxes?

    Unlike most investment opportunities, owning rental property has the distinct advantage of reducing your taxes.  Let’s talk about investing in your first rental house. or vacation property!

    Myth:  Only rich people can afford to invest in real estate.                 While all investment options can increase your net wealth and diversify your portfolio, rental property ownership has one distinct advantage:  Owning rental property can reduce your taxes too!  You’ll learn:

    1. Tax deductions associated with Purchasing, Owning, and Selling rental property (ex:  Deduct the cost of hunting for properties);
    2. How to deduct and make money from your dream vacation home;
    3. How to avoid paying tax on the profit from the sale of rental property.
    4. Open Q&A with Pat, a veteran auditor of 25+ years and RE Investor

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