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  • Meet Patricia Lancaster

    Certified Public Accountant, CPA Certified Financial Planner, CFP

    With twenty-seven years of professional experience, Patricia Lancaster is a powerful resource in all in all things tax and financial. Pat shares tailored strategies that are comprehensive and easy to implement. As a result, individuals and businesses are empowered to take control of and optimize their finances.

    During her twenty-five years with the Alabama Department of Revenue, she worked with a variety of taxpayers- individuals (with no income to six-figure incomes) and businesses (ranging from small start-ups to LLCs and S-Corps). Her unique perspective taught her this:

    No matter your tax bracket, every one needs expert tax and financial guidance.

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Our Core Values

    • Competency

      Today’s economy and business climate is challenging!  Tax laws and strategies are constantly evolving and changing.  While this environment may overwhelm other professionals, we are fascinated by it!  Maintaining the knowledge and skills necessary to provide timely, expert tax and financial guidance is my top priority.

    • Integrity

      Integrity demands sound moral principles, honesty, sincerity, and candor.  Clients place their trust and confidence in us because we adhere to the highest standards of integrity in all of our dealings.

    • Service

      It is our pleasure to serve you and prove ourselves valuable to you.  We do this by respecting your time, communicating clearly, and delivering expert solutions and guidance.

    • Confidentiality

      All of our clients’ information will remain confidential.  Confidentiality is nonnegotiable because it’s the only way we may earn and keep your trust and confidence.

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