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    Super useful checklist to ensure you bring all the relevant information to your tax prep appointment!


    Let’s ensure that you have all the information need to complete your return and never miss a single deduction you are entitled to.

  • Realtors, don’t miss a deduction you are entitled to. Also, the checklist ensures you gather all information relevant to tax preparation.

  • Complete this Schedule C Summary for your CPA.

  • Homeowner Tax Concept

    Use this checklist to maximize your deductions from your rental properties.

  • Click here for a Partnership tax return checklist.

  • SBO’s, use this calculator as to estimate your Quarterly Estimated Tax Payment

  • Click to learn more about From 1099-MISC

  • New clients, help us get to know you better by completing our client profile.

Learn how to file Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments (QETPs)


  • Voucher 1:  April 15

  • Voucher 2:  June 15

  • Voucher 3:  Sept 15

  • Voucher 4:  Jan. 15

Learn more about your Mileage Deduction

CLICK HERE:  The Value of Mileage Deduction

Learn how to file an Extension

CLICK HERE:  Filing an Extension

Individual Income Tax Extension is Due:  April 15th